Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April Sunset

Jilda worked tonight so I was in no particular hurry so my drive home was at a leisurely pace. When I got off the interstate I rolled my window down and got slowly intoxicated on the scent of wild honeysuckle. As I approached the collard field on top the mountain before heading down to Albritton bridge, the sun was sinking low and the western sky was turning the color of a rusty plow.
I pulled over to the side of the road and watched the waning moments of the descent. I shot a few frames but no camera can capture the magnificence of a sunset.
In looking back through the hundreds of thousands of photographs I've taken in my life, a good many of them are dedicated to sunsets.
A few years ago we took our niece Samantha to San Francisco and one evening we drove south of the city to Santa Cruz and strolled down the boardwalk at sunset. We stopped for a while and dangled our legs off the edge of the weathered pier and paid a silent tribute to a remarkable day.
You haven't lived until you spend an evening in Ireland facing towards the west off the Cliffs of Moher and contemplated the earth and just how small we are as the sun heads towards America.
Even when my life is chaotic and I sense the sand slipping through the hour glass, a sunset will stop me in my tracks and put my priorities in order.
Life has a way of filling up any unallocated time. If you don't take some time for yourself, someone else will take it and make it their own.
It is my recommendation that everyone take a moment at least once a day to ponder the gifts delivered to you each day free of charge....like this April Sunset.

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