Saturday, April 15, 2006


I spent the afternoon with my Mom today giving my sister a chance to go out and eat with friends. After open heart surgery, a broken leg, a broken hip, and a slight stroke, my Mom's over chit chatting. When she needs something she asks, if she wants you to know something she tells you but the rest of the time she prefers to watch the game show network. Her hearing is going as well so the TV must be of an amplitude equivalent to that of a chainsaw in order for her to hear properly. This makes conversation spotty at best but I've come to realize that she has sacrificed all her life for her family and if she prefers to watch Richard Dawson and the Family Fued, that's O.K. with me.
When I got home this evening the sun was bathing our yard in warm golden light and I saw a gift that Jilda's Mom gave us. It's a Bearded Iris which has two colors...a plum colored beard and the top of the bloom is the color of English toffee. This photo does not do this flower justice.
To say that Jilda's Mom and Dad were into flowers is an understatement. They spent a miners pension on Iris, Tulips, and Daylillies.
Their homeplace will be sold soon so we all have spent a great deal of time digging up clumps of flowers, shrubs and other assorted plants. Not only will these plants make our homes more beautiful, but the springtime kaleidoscope of color and the heavenly fragrance will remind us of them as long as we live.

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