Friday, April 28, 2006

Container Garden

In years past we always had gardens. Sometime they were more ambitious than others. I've got an old Ford tractor and a Troybilt tiller as well as all the other gardening tools needed to break a sweat. But Jilda's mom broke a hip and had subsequent health problems a couple years ago so the garden fell by the wayside. That's not to say that in the spring we didn't look at the almanac and all the seed catalogs.....and look wistfully at our garden spot.
I knew we'd miss the tomatoes, peppers, squash and okra. The corn was always hit and miss so the years it made, we considered it a blessing. For the most part, we spent a great deal of the time cursing crows for pulling up the freshly sprouted plants.
This year we've been quite busy as we're getting our lives back together after burying her mom so we are getting a late start with the garden. We decided to try our hand at container gardening. Our friend Jimmy that owns a garden center says that the containers are much easier to maintain and produce more than enough food for a small family.
Today I rounded up some large containers, top soil, potting soil and other garden stuff so that this weekend we can make our garden happen. Obviously it will be a topic of discussion in this blog. Anyone who has any advice or lessons learned about container gardening, please share.
It will be an adventure. I can almost taste those tomatoes even as I sit here and type.

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