Sunday, April 16, 2006


My niece Danielle has a daughter Zoe that is about three. She is a beautiful child. Today we were at my sisters house to have an Easter Egg hunt. Zoe and her older brother Zack and a Brittany Poe were the only kids hunting eggs but it was still a joy to me to watch kids.
Today Zoe who still speaks in tongues for the most part has learned to say RICK. She had on a pink dress and a smile that could melt the coldest heart. She had an Easter Basket that almost dragged the ground and when I'd find an egg I'd call her over and say look there by the tree and she'd look. I'd scrape the leaves back with the toe of my shoe and say look at the tree Zoe and when she spied the egg a look of utter joy would cross her face. If you could somehow capture the feeling of that moment put it in a bottle and sell it to sad people you would never have to work another day of your life.
I'm not sure why Zoe has chosen me to be her friend, but I can tell you I feel blessed.

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