Thursday, April 06, 2006


A while back I began using Firefox as a browser instead of Internet Explorer and there is a feature with this browser called Stumble. The first time you use Stumble it will ask you the kinds of things you like. After you enter your preferences it will store them for future reference.
I did this several months ago and it's a great tool for getting unstuck. When I'm trying to write and I run into a brick wall, I point to the Stumble button and click. The software looks at the things you like and then looks out at the billion or so website on the planet and says....I think Rick needs this at this moment in time. Sometimes it will take you to a website that is not very interesting....but I have found that more often than not, it takes me to just what I need to go to get unstuck.
Tonight when I clicked the button it took me to
which is the website of a photography/artist site. This is one of the photographs I found.
I love photography and I can take decent pictures but this one took my breath away.
I think some people have a better sense of beauty and how to capture it on canvas, marble or on film.
I think everyone is good at something. The trick is to find what you are good at. One thing I have learned personally is that melodies come easy to me. It's as if I have a radio in my head and when I tune it to the proper channel, a melody comes through my brain and out through the strings of my guitar. It's hard to explain where inspiration and creativity come from. I've learned not to question it but to embrace it.
Some nights sitting at the keyboard waiting for the words to come the work is effortless. Other nights it's like pulling teeth. The one good thing about the nights when it's hard is that I almost always Stumble onto something the photograph above.

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