Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I know all the arguments. It's often said that people who buy lottery tickets are simple and bad with numbers. They say that lotteries are a rip-off and hurt the poor. I don't have a logical argument for these claims. I know for a fact that the chance of winning a major lottery jackpot is MILLIONS to one...but you know what? Somebody wins these lotteries and to me it's worth a dollar to dream.
I don't buy tickets until the pot gets over a hundred million. I currently have a ticket for the Colorado and the Mega Millions both of which are approaching 200 million.
While driving to work or sitting in a boring meeting I can let my mind drift to the things I would do if I won a hundred million dollars. I've heard people say "I wouldn't quit work; I'd go to work with a smile on my face." Well I would not even go and pick up the stuff off my desk. They could keep my books, my pens, my plants, and my pictures......well I'd probably pay a friend handsomely to send my pictures to me.
What I would do is build a library in my home town. I'd also fund the Mission of Hope in Dora. I mean buy them a new truck and a computer. I hire permanent staff to help the people in our area who are in need. I'd fund college scholarships to students from our area who show promise in music, dance, science and letters. I'd hire a medical helicopter to fly my mamma to a Braves game and I'd go fetch her a Chalupa from Taco Bell (one of her favorite fast foods) and some ice cold sweet milk just to see her smile.
I would also fly my lovely wife to Ireland again and later to Amsterdam and Prague. We'd come back through Paris and spend time strolling beside the River Seine and spend time in the Louvre and look at the Mona Lisa.
Yes I might be bad at math; but I'll pay a buck any day for a good dream

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