Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Old Cars

America has built some great cars. I started driving when I was very young. We had a used 1957 Buick Roadmaster when I was about twelve years old and my mom hated driving it. When she needed something from the store or when she needed to make the occasional trip to the doctor she always let me drive. I was kind of tall for my age but even so I had to look through the steering wheel and over the hood that seemed as long as a football field to see the road.
It was two-tone green light over dark and had a motor as big as Texas. The beast was as slow as an oxen on take off but once you got those big wheels rollin' that sucker would fly. I felt like a giant driving that car. No seatbelts and no padding on that dash....your head hits that and they hose it off and sell it to someone else. You could put all your friends in that car.
The thing about those old cars is that they were beautifully designed and easy to work on. I wonder why the cars today can't be like that. I believe that if the American car manufacturers stopped trying to copy the Japanese and the Germans and just designed beautiful cars that look good, drive good and work like they should, no other country could compete with us.

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