Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thunder Storms

When I got up this morning to make the coffee I stepped out on the deck to toss the grounds from the coffee press and I could tell then that it was much too warm for this time of year. The wind was still and you could hear the Whip-o-wills off in the distance telling the news.

I worked from home today and didn’t go outside except to get the mail and the morning paper. This evening when we went for our walk, you could hear the sound of distant thunder off to the north. When we turned on the TV James Spann the weather man was talking about storms that were moving southwest which is opposite than their normal path.

As I write this entry the sound of pea sized hail is pinging the front windows and Buddy the scardy dog wants to be in my lap.

The rain is quite welcome because we’ve had to water by hand all the plants we’ve planted the last few weeks.

Today as I was working on a presentation that I’m doing tomorrow for some big wigs, I looked out my office window and I saw the first bloom from our rhododendron bush. These flowers are big as a small plate. The bloom is actually a cluster of smaller azalea/rose colored flowers. It’s a remarkable shrub.

Last Sunday we put our lemon tree, grapefruit tree and our ficus tree which live in our house during the winter months outside. They don’t winter well in Alabama. All three touch the vaulted ceiling but begin to look depressed by late February. Tonight they look as if they are rejoicing the coming of the rain.

Just before I was set to upload this entry, a big ol' bolt of lightening hit somewhere near and our cable connection went scurring for cover so this post is late.

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