Sunday, April 02, 2006

RattleSnake Rodeo

I do the website for the Opp, Alabama RattleSnake Rodeo and this was the weekend for the event. Jilda had a yoga class scheduled but the venue changed and they didn't notify her so she missed out on the class and she decided to go with me.
This was beautiful weekend in south Alabama and the rodeo was a huge success. I love small town events. There were thousands of people who came out and brought their kids and enjoyed all the rodeo had to offer. There were horseback rides, kiddy mountain climbing, and all kids of other fun stuff for children. There were also RattleSnake demonstrations with barrels full of eastern diamondback rattlers which looked as big a cross ties.
The wind from the south fluttered flags, banners and ruffled tents. Helium balloons were launched by crying children too young to understand the properties of balloons that are lighter than air. Food vendors were out in force serving corn-on-a-cob, fried onions, fried chicken, funnel cakes, fish sandwitches and fried rattlesnake. Call me a wus, but I drew the line at the rattlesnake. I did however have the best fried shrimp Po-boy I've ever put in my mouth.
Last night Joe Nichols, the famous country star, performed his hit songs for a huge crowd. After the concert we went back to the home of my friends Wes and Deidra to played music with members of the band Second Wind who opened for Joe. We sat around the pool out back and played old songs, new songs and songs that we had written. It was a magical night. When the band left, Wes, Deidra, my nephew Haven and his wife Alesha, Jilda and I got in the hot tub and solved most of the world's problems. At about 3 a.m. I took my prune-like body out of the hot tub and headed for bed.
Today we made out way back home and it occurred to me while driving through Covington and Montgomery counties that spring had already arrived there. The shades of green were much deeper and the foiladge much more lush. Just south of the city of Montgomery we passed trees with Spanish Moss drooping down from the limbs like gray beards. The blooming Wisteria looks like bunches of lavender grapes hanging from trees. We rolled the windows down and the scent was intoxicating.
There is a small country store on highway 331 that sells Peach Nehi drinks. I haven't had one in years. I personally don't think a better soft drink has ever been made.
We're home now and tomorrow it's back to work for me. I've been away from my desk for two weeks. I'm assuming all my plants are dead from lack of water. There is a pretty good chance that I'll have to be retrained. But the weekend is nice.

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