Friday, April 07, 2006

Yard Work

Today has been a beautiful day. The winds out of the south have been blustery but the sun was warm. I worked in the yard all afternoon cutting grass and trimming low hanging limbs. I love this work because you can see instant results. Often times with the work I do in the computer world is obscure and unremarkable to the untrained eye. In fact if I do my job well, nothing happens. The computers on which my company depends don't fail. I know when I've done a good job, but the results show up to my boss and our customers as a blip on a system availability graph.
On the other hand when you do work in your yard even a casual passerby can see the result your work....a cinnamon scented spicy pink flower peeks out from a rock azalea in full bloom the color of a desert sunset catches an eye and for an instant they see something beautiful if they are clever enough to notice.
I know that some people might not get it...they may think it's a waste of time and in the scheme of things maybe it is, but it seems right to me. Mainly because when I'm working with my hands I'm'm not worried about commitments, or deadlines...I get lost and it gives my mind some time off. I think that's important.

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