Sunday, October 01, 2006

At it again

We got up cleaning the house and yard today because we thought we had friends coming over but that fell through when our buddy Steve had to work. We recovered quickly by taking a nap.
Jilda called one of her co-workers who has a recording studio in his house and made plans to spend the afternoon recording some songs so that he could work out the bugs in his equipment.
When we arrived he showed us a song he had started writing. He was stuck and asked us to see what we could do. About an hour later, we had finished song with a powerful message.
The nature of his job has him working with people with who have had it rough. This song was about a situation that was way too common today.
It felt good to be back writing songs. In years past it was not uncommon for us to write fifteen or twenty songs but like many things in our life we had to put writing on hold while we cared for Jilda's mom.
We did record a few things and although our friend did a good job recording, I wasn't happy with the sound of my voice. I think I need to spend some time to make sure I play the song in the right key.
The good news is, we're back at it again. When we get the sound just right, I'll post some stuff for you to hear and provide feedback.
Have a great week.

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