Saturday, April 07, 2007

Faded Photographs

The breeze has been blowing constantly today and as I sit quietly this afternoon trying to come up with a subject for today's entry, I can hear my wind chimes and those of my neighbors, playing a melodic windsong.
After watching the weather forecast, I have some advice those who plan on attending an Easter sunrise service - you might want to consider long-handle underwear or perhaps a portable kerosene heater under you jacket because it's going to be cold in the morning.
I'm not sure what this cold spell will do to my fruit trees. The apple trees have been in blossom for well over a week and my peach trees already have tiny fruit. I'm not sure which ones will fare the best or if either have a snowball chance of baring fruit. I guess we'll wait and see.
We were supposed to have a family reunion today. My cousin was up from Florida and several of the cousins that we only see at funerals had committed to come, but my mother got sick and was in the hospital until Thursday and since we had planned to have the celebration at my sisters house (where my mother lives) we postponed the reunion until another time. My visiting cousin was disappointed but he understood.
I hope we can work it out for later in the summer or perhaps next year because life is a funny business and can change the complexion of things in the flutter of a butterfly's wings. My mom is the last surviving child of Ed and Velma Ferguson. There were 13 kids and her sister Edith passed away in January. I know things will change when mother is gone. Family reunions will be harder to put together. The older folks have been the glue that's kept our large family together and when we started losing them, the gatherings became smaller and smaller. If we don't hold on tightly, the reunions that we all loved will become a thing of the past - a fond memory and a faded photograph and the only time we'll ever see each other is at funerals.

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  1. Hey Rick & Jilda,
    We've been on the web today and read your article in the Eagle and your recent blogs.Next time, I'll get the Kleenex out first. It was good to see Aunt Elwanda on the way out. We called Mary Lois when we got home. She said she was glad we called because Aunt Elwanda had been worried about us. Hope your fruit trees didn't get damaged. Good thing you listened to Jilda about the other plants. We had a great time out at your place. The food was delicious and the hosts were great. The next day we saw a commercial on TV and the theme song to it was a remake from years ago by someone else. Jake sat up and said "unearned income!". I said, "Jake, Rick would be proud".
    It's cool here this morning. Hope you guys have a nice Easter. We'll be going to my folks house in a little while for dinner. I don't think there will be as many children there as usual. But, families grow up and start their own traditions. We had a nice trip, but, it's good to be home. Take care. We'll keep in touch more often.
    Love you guys,
    Joe, Janet & family


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