Sunday, April 29, 2007

Garden Mission

I feel like I've been wrung out this evening. We went back for more plants today. Once you get locked in a gardening frenzy, it's hard to let go. I imagine it's like those folks who are strung out on heroin, gambling, or perhaps Twinkies and Tang. To the garden center guy - "yes, yes, just give me the jasmine and the patty pan squash, cherry tomatoes, yes throw in the gourd seed and some catnip....I know we don't have you have one you could sell us?....yes here is my American Express can keep it." It was all I could do to keep from saying "we'll take one of each."
I re-tilled our garden spot again and we planted all our stuff. It felt great to have our hands back in the earth. After we cleaned and stored out tools, we made our way back to deck where both Jilda and I sat cooling off drinking ice water and admiring our handiwork.
We planned a little better this time. In years past, we planted the stuff too close together and we spent a great deal of time hoeing. This year I made sure we had enough room to keep the space free of weeds with the Troybilt. We will still have to hoe some, but not as much as in years past.
In a few weeks we'll have fresh salads, and in about forty days we'll start harvesting the okra and peas, and maybe some early squash. I can't wait.

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