Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Slammed, Jammed, Sprinkled and Tossed

I've felt a little scattered today. Each time I'd start one thing, my priorities would get rearranged. When you bounce from one task to the other you don't get that feeling that your making any headway. It's kind of like how a short order cook must feel - by the time you get the eggs slammed, jammed, sprinkled and tossed, it's time to whip up some pancakes. So now as I sit here trying to think of something meaningful about which to write, my mind is skipping around like a flat stone on a lake.
I came by the hospital to check on mother this evening. She thought she'd get to go home yesterday, but she was retaining fluid so they contacted her heart doctor who decided her medicine should be changed to correct the fluid retention problem. They decided to keep her a few more days to make sure there was no problem with the new meds.
Mother was visibly disappointed, but she understands. She actually stays in bed a lot when she's home but it's her bed. I'm hoping for her sake she can escape tomorrow.

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