Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nice Spring Day

The rhododendrons are blooming. There's a bush about fourteen feet tall outside my office windows and the pink blooms are as big a saucers. They don't drop seeds and the only way we've found to reproduce them is to take a lower limb, scratch off a little bark and place a rock on the top of the limb. We did that last year and when I looked recently, the limb had roots so this fall, I plan to dig them up and plant a few more bushes.
We went to the garden store today and bought several flats of flowers for the planter and rock garden near the road. It's shady there so we chose to use pink impatiens. There were enough left over that we filled several planters around our water feature by the side porch.
I've also tilled up the world today so we'll plant squash, tomatoes, peppers, okra, and beans tomorrow.
It's been a beautiful day here today - warm sun but a nice cool breeze. Very nice spring weather.

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  1. Hey, the same goes for here in the high desert AZ.


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