Friday, April 20, 2007

Writer Songs

I have a directory of songs to which I listen as I write. There was a time when I couldn't listen to anything with words and write a coherent sentence - or do any kind of thinking chores but somehow that changed and I don't know why.
I rarely buy music that you hear on the radio. The songs that find their way on my hard drive and into my writer's directory are songs that I've heard at live performances at quaint coffee shops or festivals, or songs that certain friends turn you on to.
Some of my favorite ones are from the movies that I love. Older movies made use of music as well. The first that comes to mind is "Thunder Road." It's a movie about backwoods bootleggers and souped up Fords. It's in black & white and it stereotyped southerners but I liked Robert Mitchum and I liked that 1950 Ford and I loved the song "Thunder Road."
Later came Butch Cassity and the Sundance Kid which had the song "Rain Drops Keep Fallin' on My head" and The Goodbye Girl had "Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever" by Dennis Yost....what a song.
I could name a dozen newer movie that have killer music but one of my favorites is the movie "Elizabethtown". I bought the soundtrack from after watching that movie.
Anyhow, if you've seen a good movie lately with a good sound track, please let me know. I just might add the songs to my writer's directory.

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