Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Peeps

My face got a little sunburned today. I got carried away in the yard. I didn't spend the time last fall to rake up autumn leaves and pine straw. The roadside in front of our house was about a foot deep in straw, broken limbs and pine cones. I could have used a wheel barrow but I decided to use my truck. By the time I finished around eleven I had hauled ten truckloads to the compost pile. I was a tired puppy.
While I was working, I saw another mama hen except this one had twelve chicks. I have a feeling I will be chicken poor soon. They are very cute now, but I have a feeling they won't be nearly as cute when they get bigger and start doing disgusting things on my porch and cars. The upside is that there is a huge market for free range chickens. The downside is that catching a free range chicken would take someone a lot more fleet of foot than either Jilda or me. In fact, someone could win America's Funniest Video if they filmed us trying. I couldn't even catch one of the peeps today. It zig and zagged and darted under shrubs and bushes and left me with a hand full of straw. The big ones can fly which adds an entirely new dimension to the chase.
But right now the little ones are cute and I'll enjoy watching them while I can.
Y'all have a great week.


  1. Thanks for sharing that man; enjoyed reading.

  2. My wife was raised on a farm with free range chickens and recalls that they waited until dark, when the chickens would roost in trees. Then the family would go out and pluck chickens out of the trees. She hated it because they would squawk and peck at her hands. Maybe you should wear heavy gloves.


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