Friday, April 27, 2007

G is for Garden

I finally found a source for parts to repair our Troybilt tiller. Attempts earlier in the year to get it repaired went south when I couldn't find parts. It was not the motor or anything serious, just several little things.
I Googled for Troybilt parts again a few weeks ago and wham! There they were. I ordered up new tires, springs, a drive belt and a roller wheel which is necessary to engage the tines. All together, the parts were around a hundred dollars including new tires.
I put everything together this afternoon and when I pulled the crank cord, it sprung to life on the third pull. I'm back in the garden business.
I have a big old 1949 Ford tractor with a 19 inch turning plow that will turn a furrow as big as a Saturn. I also have large turning disks that will break up the huge clods of dirt, but my old Troybilt tiller takes it from there. A few times over the field and the soil is the consistency of face power.
The weather has been screwy so not having the tiller repaired did not delay planting, but we'll get started this week. I can't wait.


  1. G is for Garden eh? That's a catchy title. Where'd you get that idea?:-)
    How about about a pic of the tiller and that great old Fordson??
    Ms Soup

  2. I'm a slug, what can I say?
    I saw where you'd had some photo training on the slr. Do you still have your old camera?
    I have an old Cannon F1. Haven't used it in a while.


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