Saturday, April 14, 2007


We met some of our friends at the World Famous Green Top BBQ for supper tonight. I had the usual which is a BBQ sandwich with chopped outside meat and an order of home fries. I know there are BBQ joints all over the south that proclaim to be the "best BBQ around" but I'd be willing to bet they can't hold a candle to Leo's and Suzie's Green Top.
Our friends are very busy people too but we manage to get our calendar's together now and then and whenever we do, it's a always a hoot.
I know I am prejudiced, but I think we have the best friends in the world. We've been through a lot together. Jilda and I have been together the longest. We married in 74, but our other friends have been together a long time too and we've been there through, marriages (we wrote a wedding song for one of the couples there tonight and sang it at the wedding), we've been together through sickness, and death, we've celebrated our successes and we were there to make fun of each other when we took ourselves too seriously.
Many of the great times we've had over the last twenty years were with these friends. If I look back through the photographs, a majority of them will have these friends standing there smiling. As we sat there tonight catching up on everything going on in our lives, I thought to myself "what a gift." There is nothing I treasure more than the love of my family and friends.

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  1. I don't know, Rick. My wife made dry roasted ribs for dinner today, and I'd have to say they were among the best I've ever had. The others were also dry roasted that she used a little more red pepper on. Today, she added some turmeric. Delicious!


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