Monday, April 02, 2007

Thinking Big

I mentioned earlier that I was writing a weekly column for the Daily Mountain Eagle newspaper. Yesterday's article was the one that originally appeared on this blog last year. I got a lot of really good feedback from that piece.
This morning a lady who had read the piece in the paper sent me a really nice note about how refreshing it was to read something positive in the news paper. I had to agree because it seems that lately all you read about is the horrible things that are happening across the globe. It's gotten so bad that I never watch the evening news or listen to news on the radio. I glance at headlines on a few Internet news sites but even then if it's not blood & gore, it's some inane story about Paris Hilton's dog or Brittany Spears cutting her hair with a weed eater. I think the world could use a little good news.
I'm listening to "The Secret" audio book and it's about creating the world you want through visualization and maintaining focus on those images. I've used this technique to some effect. For example, I find money almost every day. On Sunday I shifted the thinking from money to gifts. I got out of my car in the Wal-Mart parking lot and I immediately found a brand new, unopened tube of lipstick which I took home to Jilda. And today as I got out of my truck at the jewelry store to get new batteries for three of my watches, I asked myself "where is my gift?" I didn't find money but when I went to pay for the battery replacement, the jeweler said "No Charge." My mind immediately began to think "OK, what's the catch," but then I remembered my question..."where's my gift?" and then I said to myself "well of course, this is the gift I asked for."
I found the experience very interesting. The jeweler who works at Kay's Jewelry in the Summit Shopping center in Birmingham simply said if you tell someone you had a good experience here, that will be payment enough. I told a number of people about this gift and I mentioned it here on the blog. If you by chance go by Kay's please tell the manager, that I said thanks for the gift.
So this got me to wondering, what if we all focused on larger gifts, for example what if we imagined an end to war, to global warming, to murder, violence against children and world hunger. What if, we could all get together and visualize a better world and then begin to make it happen with our thoughts?
I know that some people will read this and think, "old Rick's lost his mind," but I know it works on a small scale, I've done it. I believe that we just need to think big and perhaps one day soon the big thing in the news will be about Ol' Buddy and how he's dealing with all the chickens in the yard.

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