Monday, April 16, 2007

Sad Day

I was thinking about writing something funny for this evenings' post, but after seeing CNN on a break room TV on my way out, I was saddened beyond words.
Someone dressed in boy scout clothing chained the exits and then walked around classrooms at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia killing 32 students and wounding 29.
When things are sorted out many people will inevitably say "he was quite and kept to himself," I can't believe he did something like this. There will most likely be those who perhaps knew him a little better and say "yes I always knew he was disturbed and could do something like this."
There will be many questions and few answers because there is no reason. Rational people do not have the capacity to understand an atrocious act like this.
Perhaps the shooter left a note, or hints on his My Space account but when all is said and done, the families and friends of these kids will find no answers that will bring comfort.
I can already hear the anti-gun lobbyist howling that guns should be outlawed and the pro-gun lobbyist arguing that guns don't kill people. In the end nothing changes and today will go down as a footnote in history as the bloodiest college shooting spree ever.
I'm not a gun toter but our Constitution makes provisions for "keeping and baring arms." It does not say anything about assault weapons, armor piercing ammo or hand grenades but since they are not explicitly excluded in the Constitution, then there are those who feel they should should be legalized. I'm not sure what the answers are, but with a little common sense it's easy to see that something is very wrong here.
I usually do not venture into hot button political issue and I know I'm opening myself up to debate but that's OK too. Anyone who feels strongly one way or the other is welcome to leave a comment.
I will say a prayer for those who died as well as their families and friends.

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