Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Secret Life of Bees

I've been reading some troubling news lately most of which is not in the mainstream media. It seems that honey bees are dying off at alarming rates. The American Beekeeping Federation reports that researchers are scrambling to assess the damage and understand what's happening with our bees.
When I mentioned this at work, several people at the table looked at me questioningly. "And this affects me how?" Well folks, it's like this - bees are responsible for a great deal of the pollination that occurs in the world today. In other words, world food supplies could be threatened if bees were to disappear. In truth, no one knows the impact of what would happen to the world food supply if bees disappeared but few people would argue that it would be a good thing.
One theory that was reported on SlashDot tech news is that some scientists are studying the theory that the phenomenon could be related to the radiation created by the use of cell phones and other electronic equipment.
What if that turned out to be true?
I don't know about you, but I think I'd like mainstream news media to pay a little closer attention to this stuff and leave the plight of Brittany Spears and other celebrity gossip stuff to the National Enquirer.
Speaking of Enquirer, my grand mother was an avid reader of the rag. I actually saw a headline in one of her Enquirer papers that screamed "PIT BULL EATS MOBILE HOME." Now that's something you don't read about every day.
As most folks can tell, I'm fond of eating so I'd like to get the skinny on what's going on with the bees before it's too late. The link below will take you to an article that discusses the problem.

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  1. Interesting isn't it? People are so used to taking food off a supermarket shelf they very rarely think about the source. Last year there was a shortage of honey in this state due to fires and drought which destroyed the bees collecting areas.


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