Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Stuff

Early morning thunderstorms stomped through here and left a gentle rain in its wake. The sky was dreary until after noon. It gave the earth a good drink of water and by this afternoon the dark clouds had moved off to the east leaving a clear blue sky and cotton clouds.
I'm sitting on the screen side porch this evening listening to the wind and watching the sun slide slowly towards the horizon. The trees are dancing gently in the wind and it is casting a vivid green light on the table as I type. We have ten sets of wind chimes that catch the wind from almost all directions. If anyone reading this would like to know the perfect gift for my next birthday, you can always get me a wind chime.
I used my recorder last night to record the sound of the rain and tinkling chimes. When we record Jilda's Yoga meditation music CD, we'll use the various sounds I've captured with the recorder. My library of nature sounds is expanding. There is a little creek down in the hollow that flows over smooth rocks and that bubbling sound with wild birds in the background is nice too. It's my intention to capture that sound on my next day off.
Ol' Buddy's picture was in the Birmingham News today. They didn't run the story I wrote, but I got several calls and emails from people who saw him. He'll be signing autographs at Barnes and Noble next Saturday from two until four. Come by and get a photographs and he'll sign it personally: All the best - Love Buddy.


  1. I can see Ol' Buddy is going to outshine the writer in these stories!!

  2. I'm afraid so. I got calls, pages, and emails telling me they saw Ol' Buddy in the Birmingham News. His head's swelling.

  3. Is the story available on the web?

  4. It's the blog entry from back in December 19th 2005.

  5. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I have sent you an email about your article, but I'm posting here to ask who granpappy is. He is so cute!!


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