Saturday, May 05, 2007


Cinco de Mayo is our anniversary - thirty three years today. It's been a beautiful day. Tonight we had dinner at Fox Valley which is a very nice restaurant near Helena, Alabama. We invited our friends Steve and Judy to join us. I had the seafood sampler and Jilda had the steak and crab cakes. We enjoyed a very nice Merlot from Tuscany and topped the meal off with desert. Jilda had the chocolate broulet and Judy had chocolate chip cheese cake. Of course Steve and I had to help finish that off.
I'm glad we got to enjoy today because our company is working on a really big business deal and I figure I'll be working long hours for the next few weeks. I may even have to fly out to Plano, Texas - the jury is still out on that.
But tonight I plan to kick my shoes off and take it easy. Y'all have a great Sunday.

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  1. Well, from now on we'll fly the American flag on Cinco de Mayo in honor of your wedding. Congratulations, and many, many more anniversary celebrations!


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