Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Deer Through the Headlights

A friend a co-worker had to run out of the office to a meeting yesterday at lunch. She got on Interstate 459 heading east towards highway 280. She was still in the city limits when she saw a blur from the corner of her eye. The next thing she knew there was a grown deer in the highway, then on the hood of her car and an instant later it was lying on her console still breathing. She managed to get her car stopped but she had to reach under the deer to unbuckle her seat belt.
She was still shaky when we talked to her several hours later as she was leaving the emergency room.
"I've got to go home and clean the deer parts and glass out of my hair," she said. I thought to myself, had that been me, I would have been cleaning something out of my underwear. It's a miracle that she walked away basically unhurt.
Both Jilda and I have been lucky. We see deer all the time around here and the will frequently dart out in front of you at the last moment. We too have been fortunate, but we are very mindful that they are there and we watch for them. You usually don't expect a deer to enter your car in the city limits of a large metropolitan area.
She will probably be back to work tomorrow and I'll be able to get all the details first hand.

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