Sunday, May 06, 2007

Stolen Sunday

I'm not sure what the record is for the longest conference call but I've got to be in the running. I was on a call for a little over twelve hours today. My ear still hurts. It's a good thing I have a headset or I'd have a crick in my neck to boot. My boss kept apologizing for stealing my Sunday, but there is no blame to assign - the work had to be done.
When I got off the call I took a short nap which felt great. Afterwards I went out on my tractor and bush hogged in the lower garden and around the barn. Some folks might ask why would you go out and do more work, but there's something about riding around on a tractor that is therapeutic for me. That old Ford is not fast, but I think I could drag my house around if I so chose. Put a bush hog behind it and it will cut down and shred small trees....and if you happen to run over a good sized rock or chunk of wood, it will launch the projectile for hundreds of feet at the velocity of a Smith and Wesson 357 round.
Anyhow, the baked chicken is roasting in the oven and we have selected a nice movie to watch so I plan to enjoy what's left of my Sunday.

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