Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My niece called in a panic. Something happened to her computer and now she is dead in the water. She's adrift in a digital universe. Her world revolves around email, instant messaging, web cams and iTunes. She is in a world of hurt.
I asked her if it was a virus and she couldn't say for sure but whatever started her down that path has turned her computer (which is less that 6 months old) into a boat anchor. She's outgrown me. There was a time when she came over almost every day to see us. We'd play badminton in the back yard, maybe play a little pitch and catch with the softball but her old uncle Rick is like an old favorite pair of bluejeans. You don't wear them much, but it's a comfort knowing they are right there in you closet.
She has been fooling with computers almost before she could talk. She would sit in my lap and she'd do paper doll Barbie and dress her in paper-doll clothes. She's the only person I know that went from one end of the Encarta CD to the other. I think she looked at every page. She'd sit so long my leg would go to sleep but she learned a great deal and served as computer expert to her teachers from the first grade on.
But every now and then, she gets in over her head and she rings up uncle Rick to give her a hand. Her mom called earlier and told me she was having major problems and when she got home she made the call to me.
So I'm cutting this entry short and go have a look at her computer to see if we can bring it back to life. Maybe to repay me, I'll make her come over tomorrow and play badminton.

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