Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mooshy Head

My head is a little mooshy (is that a word?) this morning. I usually go to bed with the chickens......OK, reading back over this sentence I must admit it sounds a bit strange. I can honestly say I've never been intoxicated enough to consider anything unnatural with a farm animal. Perhaps simply saying I go to bed early and get up early would be more where was I? Oh yes, last night I didn't get in bed at my regular time. In fact, I was still working on a problem at work at 1:30 a.m. The weird thing is this - even when I go to bed late, I still get up early so that's why today my head feels not unlike a cantaloupe.
This morning I hit the ground running - slammed down two cups of java, snorted a couple of vitamin B-12's (I'm kidding) and headed to Sumiton to shoot some photographs to go on the website I'm doing for the city.
After I got home I did a very good yoga routine by myself and when I did my ten minutes of relaxation, I fell asleep for about thirty minutes. I felt better when I got up. It will be an early night tonight.

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