Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bluegrass Weekend

The PC guy at work showed up at my desk Friday to say my new laptop had come in so in the space of a few months I replaced both my home and work computers. I can tell you this - it was much easier to get my work computer up and running. Corporations are slow to adopt new operating systems so they shunned Vista and went with the current standard of XP.
When I got the new unit, I loaded my backup software, plugged in my backup drive, clicked a few buttons and a went to lunch. When I returned, my data was loaded and my new PC behaved just like my old one except that it's faster. I left Friday afternoon without fretting about dealing with computer stuff all next week.
It's been a beautiful weekend here in north central Alabama. Last night it was down right chilly. I went to the Blackwater Bluegrass Festival which is owned by a friend and by the time I left at around 8 p.m., I realized that wearing shorts and a tee shirt had been a mistake. Jilda is weather smart and decided to stay home last night.
We went out today just before lunch and it was beautiful. The music started at 11 a.m. and we sat there in the warm sunshine, ate hot dogs, and listened to some great bluegrass music.
This evening was my evening to sit with my mom so we're watching the Braves spank the Red Sox in game two of a double header. We prefer not to discuss game one.

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