Thursday, May 03, 2007

Corn on the Cob

We're having fresh veggies tonight for dinner. Green beans, new potatoes, fried squash and corn on the cob. Is there anything better than corn on the cob? I inevitably get things stuck between my teeth that I have to dig out with a stick but it's worth - it's a small price to pay because the food is so good! I'm all about good food.
There are different stages in the lives of people:
When you're young, you want to go where there are swings and see saws and smaller kids that you can bully. When you are a little older, you want to go where the girls are. If bikini's are involved, well that's just fine too.
When you become a young adult, you are looking for hot parties, with lots of beer, loud music, and the best chips and dawgs.
As you get older your criteria changes and there are several more stages through which you pass.
I'm currently in the stage where food is the most important factor. We plan our vacations and our weekend visits around food. "No, let's not go to Reba's house, all she has is cold cuts and box wine. I'd rather go to Louie's house because he always grills that seafood and bakes that homemade bread with the olive oil and garlic dip. He also has a commercial refrigerator that keeps the beer cold enough to crack your teeth. " Sorry Reba, you need to buy a clue. We know you don't have time to cook because you are working night and day to pay for that big ol' house, the Saab, and that wide screen TV. Louie, on the other hand, lives in a house trailer and plays James Taylor cassette tapes on a boombox he's had since Carter was in the white house, but he's got a state of the art grill on the patio and that boy knows how to cook some dead fish! I'm really enjoying this stage.
I hear the next stage is not as much fun because it involves comparing scars and blood pressure medication. "You think that's something, they filleted me like a trout and stored my heart in a in a bucket while the stripped veins out of both legs and one of my arms! Heck I was clinically dead for 45 minutes. I still have this nasty twitch that doctors attribute to the anesthesia"
I'm sure when I reach seventy five or eighty, I'll be happy to compare surgery, procedures, and side effects, but right now, I'm really enjoying the corn on the cob.


  1. My advice to you about enjoying food when you're 75 - 80 (not that I'm anywhere near that yet I hasten to add) is to fork out whatever cash you can in the way of dental care. I'm firmly of the opinion that dental problems are one of the things that rob older people of a lot of enjoyment when it comes to eating food.

  2. I love corn on the cob, but here in the desert, we have to settle for the frozen kind. We sure do miss the garden my father-in-law had back in Ontario, NY. The best potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries. Oh man, I'm salivating at the very thought. Yes, enjoy it every day that you can.
    By the way, at 75+ I still enjoy every morsel. I quit smoking at age 36 and food has tasted great ever since.


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