Saturday, May 26, 2007

I Want Some BBQ

Jilda and I are going to Decatur, Alabama tonight to see Paul Thorn in concert. I've written about Paul in past blog entries. Jilda's friend Jackie is also going to ride up. We're going up a little early to eat dinner at Gibson's BBQ. Gibson's has won too many state and national championships to mention on this website. One of their sauces has been awarded "The Best BBQ Sauce on the Planet". Who knows, it may be the best in the Galaxy and with our primitive means of communications, we just have not received the message yet.
The Overalls wrote a song called BBQ. Here are the words:


I got a cravin' for something fine
Don't want burgers, and I don't want fries
I don’t want chicken, I don't want fish
Nothin' fat free, I want a REAL man's dish
Not just any ol' thang will do
I want Bar-B-Que

A slab of port with lots of sauce
You can get it like that down at Arcihbalds
One half pound pig on wonder bread
I'm in heaven and I ain't dead
Nothin' else in the world will do
I want Bar-B-Que

I feel sorry for the folks up North
They know nothin' bout cookin' pork
They grill steaks and they cook hot dogs
But when it comes to smokin' hogs
Them ol' yankee's ain't got a clue
'Bout Bar-B-Que

cprt 1998 steve norris, rick and jilda watson 11-1-98

We only live about an hour from the joint and yet we've never eaten there. I'll let you know tomorrow about the concert and the food. Here is the link to Big Bob's BBQ Website
Y'all have a great weekend and a great Memorial Day.


  1. That's one of the songs I like on your CD. Some of my northern family and friends may take exception about cooking bar-b-que, but I won't get in the middle of that.

  2. Hey Granpappy, Thanks. That song is a lot of fun to play and even more so when we play for folks from up north. We often have good-hearted debates.
    They usually give us a hard time (which we deserve) but when we can get them down to the Green Top BBQ, Archibald's, or Dreamland they usually concede....especially while they are slammin' down the BBQ.


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