Thursday, May 17, 2007


You can tell a lot about a person by observing them around the coffee pot. We have simple rules concerning coffee drinkage:

If you drink the last of the coffee, make more

If you don't know how - learn

It's a very simple concept but you would be surprised at the shear numbers of people who just don't get it. The other morning I was heading in to get a cup and I passed a new guy who scurried out of the coffee break room with a steaming cup of java. When I rounded the corner, there were about three teaspoons of coffee in the carafe. I have a theory and it is this: these coffee slackers believe they are more important than you and me. They can't be bothered with putting a filter in the holder, tearing open a small pre-measured pack of coffee and pouring it in the filter and pushing the brew button thereby providing the next fellow proletarian a cup of fresh coffee.
I thought to myself, I bet these little weasels slough off their duties on his co-workers. They probably call meetings without being prepared and I'm guessing they are the ones who talk on their cell phones while standing in the food line.
I saw something really funny at one of our favorite restaurants. It's a cafeteria style establishment and they rock and roll. At lunch time the line is long an serpentine - people with mouths watering waiting to get at the fried chicken, stewed squash and fried green tomatoes. On this particular day, there was a woman chatting on her cell phone and when it came her turn she continued to chat and simply pointed at the food she wanted. The server looked at her for a moment and then asked the person standing behind the woman what he wanted...then he asked the next person what they wanted completely ignoring the chatting woman. She got the message and dropped the phone to her side and glared at the server as if to say "you have a lot of nerve!" He simply said, "I'll be happy to serve you when you get off the phone." I thought the people behind her were going to applaud. She was livid, but not angry enough to storm out because she'd already caught a whiff of the fried okra and cornbread. I wanted to say - and another thing, if you drink the last cup of coffee at work, you should always make a fresh pot!

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  1. Hurrah for the server in the restaurant, I read this part of your post out loud at work today and everyone cheered. People with cell phones (mobiles in this country) seems to think the world centres around them if they are taking a call.

    Ms Soup


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