Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Peace Necklace

Jilda made me a peace necklace today. It's made from tiny African Christmas beads and small chunks of turquoise with a sterling silver clasp. We both had peace necklaces back in the 60's but they went the way of bell bottom jeans and "Keep on Truckin'" posters.
The ones we had were antiques and our niece scarfed them up several years ago for her retro hippie ensemble.
I made a decision early on with this blog to steer clear of hot button political issues. So I won't debate the war here but I feel it is important, on a personal level, to support peace.
There is not a day goes by that I don't think about our soldiers and their families. Sitting here in the safety of our homes it's hard to fathom the stress and hardships the soldiers face on a daily basis. It can't be much easier on the families who were left behind.
I know at this point there are no easy answers - no one has the magic solution that will resolve this conflict and bring our folks home for good. The scars will remain for generations to come.
So I'll wear my peace necklace and imagine a world without war - and say a prayer for the safe return of our loved ones.

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  1. Most Americans today don't understand about war. The book "Geronimo", about the paratroopers in WW II, gives a good picture of it, along with Ernie Pyle's book. It isn't pretty, but our troops went into battle on foreign soil not knowing when, or if, they were ever going home. One of the unfortunate parts of this "war" is that there is no one authority to deal with to negotiate a peace. Certainly the Imams, who stir their people to commit suicide for the cause, aren't going to form a coalition, as they all have different goals and religious views. Not a good environment to be in the middle of. I'm happy not to be President. And I agree that the best thing for us to do is to pray for a reasonable conclusion that will bring our troops home and end the killing.


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