Friday, May 25, 2007

Great Meal

My boss gave Jilda and I a free meal for all the hours I've been putting in lately. So tonight we decided to try a place we've never been in Jasper which is much closer than Birmingham which is where we normally go to eat. The restaurant was called the Black Rock Bistro & Grill.
I knew I would like it the moment we walked in - about twenty tables with white tablecloths and napkins. It had jazz music playing softly on the house speakers and it had a jazz motif. It was not pretentious but the waiters and waitresses were there as soon as we were seated - they brought water and fresh baked bread.
The specials were on a chalkboard by the door and we decided to with that - Jilda got grilled salmon and I went with the grilled amberjack both of us went with the grilled asparagus. I called for a wine list and decided on a Chateau de something-or-other, but it was a nice white wine from the Bordeaux region in France.
We munched on the warm bread and sipped our wine until the salad came. We both had romaine lettuce with apple smoked bacon and grilled onion rings. The dressing was homemade buttermilk vinaigrette. I know that might sound a little odd, but take my word - it was scrumptious.
When our plates came, they looked like pictures the way the food was arranged around the asparagus and lemon slices. My amberjack was seasoned to perfection with olive oil, pepper, a hint of garlic and some other things I could not identify.
I usually don't eat desert but had I known just how good Jilda's desert was, I would have ordered one for myself. It was creme brule with blackberries as big as my thumb. I had a couple of bites and I was afraid we'd have to wrestle right there in the restaurant if I went for more.
All in all it was a delightful dining experience. On the way home we came around a curve and I casually pointed out a deer that had crossed just in front of us, Jilda on the other hand spotted the deer that was on the other side of the road about to cross in front of us. I stood on the brakes of the old Volvo and we stopped within inches of the young deer that could not get traction on the pavement. Finally it scampered across and followed its mother. It's a good thing he made it or I might have been blogging about grilled venison for Memorial Day.

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