Saturday, September 08, 2007


I aired up the tires on my old bicycle today and took her for a spin. It's been quite some time since I've been on that baby. Actually the last time I rode it I got bitten by a dog. That was fun because I had to get a tetanus shot. It was not a good experience but today on the other hand was nice.
There was a light breeze out of the west and it was before the sun got too hot. I rode down to the end of our dead end road and rode back to the house. It was only about a mile but the sun on my back and the wind in my face felt good. By the time I got back to the house my legs were like rubber. I walk several times a week and do yoga, but apparently that activity does not make use of the same muscles as biking. I decided to start of slowly and ride a little more as time goes by.
When I was a kid I must have put a million miles on my old bike. I rode it everywhere until I got old enough to drive and then biking became uncool.
I had forgotten until today how much fun riding a bike can be. The older I get the harder I have to fight inertia. Sitting on the sofa watching the boobtube is much easier but it tends to make my butt expand. So I plan on making biking a regular part of my routine. But I can assure you, I will be keeping an eye out for dogs.

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  1. My first two-wheeler was an Excelsior that had a key lock built into the fork. You turned the handlebars to the right and would lock them in that position. Anyone stealing the bike could ride only in circles.


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