Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free Buster

Jilda and I have a friend who is incarcerated. I've never understood exactly what offense he committed but we see him almost every day and we both are saddened. It bothers Ol' Buddy too because each day when we go by to see Buster, Buddy looks at us both as if to say "is there nothing you can do?"
I probably should let you know that Buster is a neighbor's Boxer Bulldog and he once ran as free as the wind but a few months ago when we drove by, Buster was hitched to a long chain in the front yard. I think he's depressed because now when he sees us, he doesn't even bark. I suspect Buster may have roughed up the UPS man, or perhaps treed the Alabama Power meter reader but what ever the infraction, his owners aren't budging.
Jilda, Ol' Buddy and I have started a campaign called "Free Buster". Every time we drive by, we hold up our right fists in solidarity and shout FREE BUSTER! I'm going to have Free Buster T Shirts and maybe some bumper stickers printed up with his picture on them. Maybe we'll hold a candle light vigil one night soon and play protest songs by Odetta, Pete Seger and Woody Guthry. If we get arrested it will be for a good cause. FREE BUSTER!!!


  1. Have you found out the nature of the crime? If it was chasing cars, you and Buddy could be the next victims after your campaign is successful.

  2. Could be, but I have a feeling it has something to do with cat sushi...his neighbor has a house full of cats and Buster lies at the end of his chain with his head on his paws looking expectantly toward the house with the kitties.


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