Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Guardian Angel

I was running late as I headed down to a high school football game Friday evening so I was driving a little faster than usual. The sun had dipped below the western horizon but there was still some lingering daylight. Suddenly a sensation came over me and I let off the gas as I went into a steep turn. In the middle of the curve was a small pickup truck coming from the opposite direction at a very high rate of speed - entirely in my lane. I swerved off the edge of the road into a yard.
I came to a complete stop and waited until my heart settled out of my throat and my blood pressure dropped below a level in which strokes are common. I looked in front of me a few feet and there was steep drop-off at the edge of the road. Had I not slowed an instant before meeting the reckless driver, my choices would have been to hit him head on or veer off the edge of the road and most likely flip and roll down an embankment into a stand of oak and pine.
I know there are those who may think I was imagining things. I would not waste my breath with an argument but this same sensation has kept me from harm before. I've come to trust my Guardian Angels without question.
Yesterday on my way to work traffic began to slow in a place where it rarely slows. I knew something must be up. One of the interstate traffic warning signs came on to tell traffic that an accident had occurred and instructed drivers to merge into the left lane. I've seen this sign many times so I turned on my signal and moved over. About forty five minutes later, traffic inched by a jumble of steel and glass and rescue workers who moved about with no sense of urgency. I'm not a gawker but one could not miss the Lexus SUV that had somehow run under the side of an eighteen wheeler and top of the SUV was sheared off at the level of the dashboard. All that was sticking out was the back glass. It was a sobering thing to see at 7:30 in the morning.
As I passed by I said a prayer for those involved and I began to reflect back to my near miss just a few days before. I know the pace of life is sometimes harrowing and people are behind in their schedules before they walk out the front door. They have meetings to attend, calls to make, cleaning to pickup, kids to deliver, and meals to prepare. It's often difficult getting everything done. So we rush about like so many ants driven by the pressures of life.
I put some distance between me and the accident but I could not help wondering if everyone has a Guardian Angel - if the people in that accident had an early warning from their Guardian Angel but did not recognize it. There is no way of knowing, but I can tell you this: I am acutely aware of Guardian Angels and I am truly grateful they have chosen to look after me.

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  1. My guardian angel is my wife who will tell me "Look out, he's going to pull out in front of you", so I slow down and sure enough the guy pulls out without looking. It happens enough that I pay attention to her sixth sense. I'm sure we all have it, but, as you say, we don't always listen.


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