Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wound Up Tight

Discontent in a corporate setting is almost like a virus. Everyone at work feels like they are under the ax which might fall at any time. Decisions are being made on a very high corporate level that could affect the 1500 or so people working where I work. The decision was supposed to come down over a month ago but so far, no word - the waiting is taking its toll on almost everyone.
I'm an eternal optimist but I can feel negativity slipping into my vocabulary and it's driving me crazy. All of a sudden my stomach is bothering me and my jaws are hurting from gritting my teeth.
Truth is, not knowing is a lot worse than knowing. If the company came in tomorrow and said you all have to find new jobs then the focus would change. It would still be stressful until you got settled in your new situation, but I think knowing what you had to do would be less stressful than what we are currently going through.
Right now, I'm wound up tight as a high C piano string so I'm going to go meditate for a while and bring my blood pressure down to a manageable level.
If any of you know of anyone who can help me with the syndication my weekly column that runs in the local paper, please let me know. I'd love to walk away clean with a whole new attitude.

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