Friday, September 14, 2007

Quality Time

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain ticking on the Rose-a-Sharon bushes by our bedroom window. The rain made the plants on the deck look fresh and I I opened up the back door to get a better look as I made the coffee. I got my hand held recorder out and captured that blissful sound. When I get stressed, I can replay the sound of rain and most of the rough edges fall away.
I made my way in to work but I felt lazy all day. It felt like I should be taking a long nap instead of talking computers on the phone.
When I left this evening, the rain had moved off to the east and left an electric blue sky with fluffy clouds in its wake. Everything looked fresh and clean.
This evening we met our friends Tom and Judy for dinner at the Blackrock Grill. I decided on a rib eye steak with fried green tomatoes. We ordered a nice bottle of Merlot. We haven't seen Tom and Judy for a while so we spent a delightful evening catching up.
Judy has had a tough year, but she's come through like a trooper and tonight in the soft glow of candle light, she looked like a rock star.
I know there are probably more exciting things to do in life, but there is nothing I'd rather do than spend quality time with good friends.

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