Thursday, September 13, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Waiting for the rain. The rain-gods have been stingy this summer. Parts of my yard a parched and dusty. But the remnants of hurricane Humberto that hit the coast of Texas seems to be tracking towards Empire and that's a good thang. I've been sitting on the back deck facing south trying to catch the smell of the rain on the breeze while a chorus of tree frogs and cicadas are singing in the key of D.
A few dots ticked on the laptop so I had to grab and flee indoors. They haven't made laptops waterproof yet and I'm fairly certain my boss would take a dim view of dysfunctional laptop dripping with rain water. Off in the distance I can hear thunder stomping it's way toward us like an angry fairytale giant.
I got an early retirement offer from my company today. Actually they are offering it to 12,000 people in the company who have reached the ripe old age of at least 50. The offer is not lavish and I've heard a lot of people at work scoff at it but I'm not sure yet just what I think about it. On one hand I need a few more years to be in a good position to walk away but I find myself wondering just how much longer my position will last there. I've got a lot of irons in the fire, but none of them are hot enough yet.
I plan to spend the next few weeks weighing my options and trying to imagine my life after EDS. It's not something that Jilda or I take lightly. I've been gainfully employed for over 30 years and the last fifteen of those years has been in a high pressure job that demands a great deal of my time and energy. I have to tell you that the idea of walking away is very appealing. Obviously visions of living in a cardboard box and eating cat food tends to dampen the spirit but I've eaten Vienna sausages, potted meat and cream of celery soup before and I find they can be quite tasty.
Decisions, decisions.

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