Wednesday, September 26, 2007


The Dora Bulldogs are having a down year. The Dawgs have been very successful in past years and they have fallen on hard times. The old coach left earlier in the year and took the starting quarterback and the biggest part of the coaching staff. There was a lot of hard feelings in the community but I tried to look at it from the old coaches' point of view. He got an offer for a bigger school with new sports facilities and probably a bigger salary. I have never faulted anyone for trying to better themselves and I won't start now but I can say that it's hard watching the team struggle. To be honest, I think we have a lot of talent at the school and I think they are physically capable of competing but I'm not sure they are where they need to be mentally.
When a team experiences loss or trauma, someone has to step up at take a leadership role and make sure everyone pulls their weight. I've seen a lot of teams that shouldn't have a chance but they worked together as a team and they won.
I'm not faulting the new coaching staff because they had very little time to put a game plan together and to prepare for a difficult season. I hear the new coach is a strict disciplinarian and maybe the guys weren't used to that. I don't have inside information, I'm just speaking from the point of view of an observer.
Anyhow, I've been tied up the last few weeks and could not attend the games on Friday night but I plan to go this week to show my support for the Dawgs.
I keep hoping someone will do something remarkable.

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