Monday, September 03, 2007


I've decided to take vacation this week. Jilda is still struggling with some kind of lung gunk and the doctor told her to get a few weeks rest so she's taking off work and I decided to take off too.
I've got several projects on which I need to work.
Our walking path has grown up with sage, buckeye bushes, and blackberry briers. I walked down it today and hacked my way through with a machete but the path is a long way from being clear enough for Jilda to walk. She has this thing about snakes and prefers to walk down clear paths where she can see. I called her a scardy-cat and she whacked me with a buckeye. You'd think I would have learned not to harass her by now.
I'm also collecting art for the much discussed book project. What I've decided to do is to use the columns that were published in the Mountain Eagle. I plan to shoot some pictures for some of the pieces, use old photographs when I have them and use some of Jilda's artwork. I still have to write about fifteen columns but I have already started some of them. I'll keep you all posted.
I also plan to practice guitar this week. I've been woefully negligent in my practice habits and it showed the last time The Overalls practiced. We have a gig in a few weeks and I want to be sharp.
So there, you know what I plan to do with my vacation. I hope you all have a great week. Do something remarkable.


  1. Hi Rick,
    I wrote to the paper to find out when your column would be available on line, but haven't had a response yet.
    Tell Jilda to keep up with her artwork. My instructor emphasizes that a good drawing is the secret to a good painting. That's where I'm lax - not enough time spent on drawing. A resolution in need of some effort!
    Have a good week.

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Gig? When? Where? I need to listen to some good music.


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