Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Guitar Lesson

Our friend Fred came over for dinner this evening. He is a remarkable sound and recording engineer guy. We have written some songs with him. He has always been behind the console and has not tried his hand at playing. I encouraged him to give it a try. He was hesitant at first but he started picking up chords and changes very quickly. I expect he'll be a picker withing a few months. We started out with basic chords, which is all I know, and I showed him how chords fit together. I think it is important to have people playing songs quickly. A lot of people have told me the reason that they didn't stick with music is because they spent too much time on theory and not enough time playing songs. Fred has that type of personality that enables him to stick to things until he masters them.
I really don't know a lot about music....let me correct that, I know next to nothing about how to read music, but I have a knack for teaching people how to play guitar. I've taught a ton of folks to play. There are some that I got started and they have left me in the dust. I'll probably have to wear a mask around Fred too because I have a feeling he will be good.

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