Friday, September 28, 2007

Lessons Learned

Jilda was feeling a little puny tonight so she elected to stay home while I went to shoot some photos of the Bulldogs. I left during the third quarter and it wasn't pretty for the Dawgs. They are struggling this year and I feel badly for them...especially the seniors.
I just finished a Wayne Dyer book called It's Never Crowded on the Extra Mile. I really enjoyed this book. One thing he discussed in depth was a map of conscientiousness by Dr. David Hawkins where he talked about the vibration of emotions and their impact on your life. Dr. Hawkins has spent his life measuring electrical impulses in the brain when presented with various images. One of the lowest vibrations was for the emotion of shame and humiliation.
We ask a great deal of our kids and the looks on many of their faces tonight was humbling. So much of our self worth and self image is tied to that period of our lives when we are young and impressionable. If we are "winners", the stands are full of screaming fans and everybody gets an "at-a-boy" after a big win. The kids walk away believing they can conquer the world. When things go south, the result is much different.
This could be a long season for the Dawgs and my wish for the team is that the coaches have the wisdom to teach the kids that there will be times when the ball does not bounce your way. That does not make you a loser any more than winning games makes you a winner. It's all about what you learn. I think I've learned my most valuable lessons when I've been near the bottom.
I hope this team is as fortunate.

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