Friday, September 07, 2007

Plan B

Have you ever started a job thinking it would take 45 minutes or an hour tops? Yes, I have too and I should have known better. My intention was to replace a leaking kitchen faucet assembly and then spend the rest of the day working on my book project. Four hours later the job is finally done and I'm too whupped to work on the book. I guess I'll go to plan B which is to get up early in the morning, make coffee and start hammering away.
My conversation with my media/publishing friend last night was enlightening. She basically told me that it was very difficult for a first time author to get picked up by a New York publisher. I can understand that. The sheer volume of people trying to do exactly what I'm trying to do is staggering.
She suggested that I try regional and university presses. I got online and read the information on the University of Alabama Press and I think I'll give it a shot.
I knew up front this part of the process would not be easy, but if it were, everybody would be published.
I'll keep you all updated.

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  1. Home repairs seem to always take at least twice as much time as the plan. Luckily, we have a Home Depot right around the corner when I can get the right parts and the right instructions.


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