Sunday, September 16, 2007

Making a Life and Not Just a Living

I've felt almost like I have been in a fish bowl today. It's almost as if I've been a witness instead of a participant in my life. We had birthday lunch for one of my nieces and there was a house full of people but it seemed as if people were talking at me and not to me. Granted I've been a little distracted this week because of things at work and the early retirement offer. I find myself doing calculations in my head, weighing options, and playing out scenarios.
The idea of being free to pursue my own dreams is so appealing, but I have these little naysayer voices in my head that gives me pause.
I have a lot of really good talents and skills and I know they are assets, but how do you turn them into equity. How do you convert the things in your head into things you can wear, drive, or things you can put on your plate to eat?
I've been looking for resources on how to make ends meet after leaving your day gig, but I've come up short on answers. Maybe that's another idea for a book I can write. Interview people that have walked away after thirty years and started their life over doing the things they love. Making a life instead of just making a living.
I saw a video on uTube yesterday about a kid that looked to be no more than twenty. I think the title of it was "Where in the World is Matt?" It starts off with this really cool song and it proceeds to show Matt doing a little funky dance in exotic locations all over the globe. Africa, Asia, North and South America as well as Anartica. I watched that little video two or three times and it put a smile on my face every time. When I watched the credits, it says the film was made possible by a company that makes chewing gum. I'm guessing Matt had the idea and pitched it to them and they said sure Matt, we'll fly you to some of the most stunning places on the planet and let you do your little dance.
I think Matt had a great idea and actually that's what I'm talking about - take an idea from infancy all the way through to the finished product that puts a smile on someones face.
If you care to watch Matt, click here

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