Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Autumn's On Its Way

I walked this evening after work and as I approached the barn, I saw one branch of an ironwood tree hanging lower than the other branches. The setting sun highlighted the branch which had turned gold and crimson. The color was so vivid that it stopped me in my tracks. I love this time of year.
So I decided to share ten things that make autumn special to me.
10 Autumn color - foliage and the sky
9. The harvest moon
8. The smell of pumpkin pie baking
7. The sound of cicadas
6. Fall Festivals
5. Football
4. State and County Fairs
3. Fall clothes (especially turtlenecks)
2. Crackling fireplaces
1. The smell of autumn leaves burning
What are some of your most favorite things about fall?


  1. Temperatures under 100!
    The smell of burning leaves always brings back memories of autumn in Batavia, NY when I was a child. We don't seem to smell that anymore.

  2. Ken Owens12:48 PM

    "We are all as the leaves of Autumn, Mother Nature will call when our time is done."

    The burning of leaves was a cremation ritual taught to me by my grandmother, Effie. I cannot smell them now without thinking of her.


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