Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Sad Story

I heard the sirens early Thursday as I was making our morning coffee. In the city, the sound of sirens is quite common. That being the case, to city-dwellers, the sound often goes unheard. But here in the country, it’s a sound you rarely hear and when you do, it’s never good news.

I stepped out onto the back deck to see if I could figure out where the sound came from but the emergency vehicle had already passed or reached its destination because I could no longer hear it.

But I move through my morning routine with an uneasy feeling. When I left for work sometime later, I came upon several emergency vehicles about a mile from our house.

A white van was sitting in the middle of the road and the front was horribly damaged.

“This cannot be good,” I though to myself. I’m not a gawker so I heeded to the instructions of the crew working the scene and weaved through the wreckage and onto work.

Later that day, my niece Samantha called to say that Brandy Savage, a girl who had been on the dance line at Dora back in 2006, had been killed in the wreck. My heart sank.

I did not know Brandy personally, but I’ve heard a great deal since Thursday. My heart goes out to Brandy’s family and her fiancĂ©.

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