Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two for the price of one

I've been on vacation this week and we've walked every day rain or shine. Yesterday the clouds rolled out after lunch so we decided to walk without the raincoats.
Jilda was walking in front of me and she stepped over some debris in the path. The dogs were right on her heels but I noticed that the debris didn't look quite right. When I looked more closely, she had come within inches of a chicken snake that was well over six feet long.
When I pointed it out to her, she didn't ever squeal. The fact is, it's not uncommon to see these critters around our barn. We had a huge chicken snake that lived in our barn for years before being hacked to pieces by a neighbor when the snake ventured into his yard.
Our barn has been snake free until now.
After I shot a photo of the snake, we went about our walk. We hadn't gone a hundred yards when we came upon another chicken snake on the path. This one was much smaller than the first one.
I'm including a photo of our new friend. I also wrote a column for next Sunday's paper about our slippery friends.

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