Sunday, September 13, 2009


The hummingbirds are tanking up for their trip south. Knowing when to stop putting out the feed is not an exacting science. I know they must fly south for the winter and if you feed them too long, they tarry which can cause them problems. On the other hand, states to the north have hummingbirds too and they need to feed on their way south.
Jilda said earlier this week that we probably didn't need to put out any more fresh feed but as we drank our coffee Saturday, three of the tiny creatures hoovered just outside our living room windows and they didn't look happy. So she whipped up another small batch to get them through.
I'll do a little research to make sure we aren't doing any harm. Meanwhile, if anyone knows how to tell the best time to stop feeding hummingbirds in Alabama, please let me know.

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